Stuff related to Debian GNU/Linux


Unoffical APT repositories.

These repositories are signed with the following OpenPGP key, which is also available in the package:

pub   2048R/196616BA 2010-01-05
uid         Debian archive automatic signing key
      Key fingerprint = C69B 6F32 43AE E9A6 1937  DFC8 9EA0 BE58 1966 16BA

Bullseye (stable)

Buster (oldstable LTS)

Packages of own software and patched versions of Debian packages for Buster:

Binary packages available for amd64 and i386 architecturess.

sources.list lines

deb buster/
deb-src buster/

Outdated Packages

Unoffical APT repositories that are not updated anymore.



Examlpe installer command lines


auto classes=remote;server
auto classes=remote;desktop



Install the dbus-user-session package to enable a shared user session among multiple logins of the same user.

Enable user lingering for the given user, to allow e.g. systemd user timers to run right after boot without the user being logged in:
loginctl enable-linger USER

Enable persistent logging in journald:

mkdir -p /var/log/journal
systemd-tmpfiles --create --prefix /var/log/journal

SSDs (buster)

On systems using SSD drives, enable periodic fstrim:

systemctl enable fstrim.timer
systemctl start fstrim.timer

btrfs (buster)

On systems using btrfs, enable periodic maintenance tasks:

systemctl enable btrfs-scrub.timer
systemctl start btrfs-scrub.timer

NVIDIA drivers (buster)

To install NVIDIA drivers and related tools, install these packages: linux-headers-amd64 nvidia-driver nvidia-opencl-icd nvidia-settings nvidia-smi vdpau-va-driver clinfo

Multiple encrypted partitions (buster)

dm-crypt/LUKS version 2 can use the Linux in-kernel key management and retention facility and leverage its caching ability to unlock mulitple encrypted block devices using the same passphrase.
This allows to avoid adding extra layers of LVM solery for that purpose, e.g. when a statically encrypted swap partition for suspend-to-disk functionality on a system using btrfs is needed.

To make use of this, install the keyutils package and add the option keyscript=decrypt_keyctl to each encrypted partition to benefit from this to the crypttab.
The key file field in the crypttab can be used as an nickname/identifier for a given shared password, allowing to have multiple passwords, each shared among different sets of disks.


To compile a kernel using GCC X.Y prepend MAKEFLAGS="CC=gcc-X.Y" to the make-kpkg invocation.


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